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Goal Achievement, What Most Successful People Know Very Well

Based on my experience, I’m learning that the problem for most does not come with setting goals. The problems come with achieving goals. Therefore today I want to focus on just that, the achievement of the goals that you set.  Most people set goal just for sport. Just to be able to say “I have a goal” or to make themselves seem as if they are working towards something.  Few however, really put forth the effort to really achieve their goals.  Achieving goals is a clear key to success. People that achieve their goals, rarely give up. My focus today is dealing with goal completion/achievement. Drive, determination, discipline, and persistence are the words that I truly try my best to live by. These are words that most successful people know very well.

  • Drive will push you to daily actions. There will be some problems or obstacles that try to discourage you, determination must kick in for that.
  • Determination allows you to jump the hurdles and to not quit. When no one believes in you or laughs in your face; persistence has to take over.
  • Persistence means not giving up on you even when others have.
  • Discipline must be present throughout the process of completing your goals. Your discipline keep you focused even when it takes longer than planned or expected.

Below I will list three steps for you to take in your goal starting today.

Step 1:  Making sure that you are always setting goals. If you look back and see that you wish to focus on past goals that were never completed that will be fine. But before you set goals, I would suggest that you get yourself ready to complete your goals. If you are not ready to complete your goals you won’t be successful.  Set goals in categories. Writing down your goals is very important.  It is always a good thing to have something to go back and look at.  The categories can be something like personal, career, or financial.  They should also be grouped into time frames. Time frames should become your best friend. Setting a time frame for your goals keeps you accountable and a time will also pull you into completing your goals.  Not having time frames cause procrastination and complacency. Some goals will be short term, mid-range, and others long term. This way you are always working toward getting better at something. I’ve witnessed the most success from clients that constantly have their goal on their mind. You must become passionate about your goals. If you are not passionate about them, they become unachievable and boring. Now that you are ready, let’s get set.

Step 2:  Place your written goals in places so that you can see them often. You can also set reminders.  Surround yourself with people that can appreciate and support your goals; people that also have goals that they are trying to achieve. This system is to form a circle of constant support.  You can support and encourage each other.

Step 3:  Attempt to take some action on working towards your goals daily. Your goals must be constantly on your mind.  Don’t just SET IT and FORGET IT! Go back to the four words I mentioned in the beginning. This is the point where you will need them.

You are now on your way to successfully completing your goals!

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Angela Pride
Angela Pride, founder of Coach With Pride is recognized for her ability to meet her clients where they are; take them out of their comfort zone and move them to their NEXT level of success. Angela works with small businesses and their teams on Leadership Development.

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