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5 Strategies For Becoming A Champion Of Extreme Excellence And Leadership

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A champion is a person who has defeated all opponents in a competition or series of competitions, so as to hold first place.

Anything that takes first place in competition: the champion. A person who fights for or defends any person or cause: a champion of the oppressed. A fighter or warrior.

As a champion, one must look at herself as in competition with herself. When one decides to be in competition with only oneself, it’s only then that she defeats all opponents. Defeating opponents means not worrying about what people think about you, not worrying about what people say about you. Competition and comparing is a deadly concoction. In the definition champion, animals are often recognized in shows as being the champion. The animals have no idea they’re being compared and competing against an opponent, they have trained by themselves, and they’re competing with themselves. As described by the definition of a champion, you fight and defend a cause or person; that cause, that person, is you.

A champion can be crowned by the people or by the person describing herself as the champion. I believe both positions are of importance and significance. An example lies in the heart of a boxing match where opponents are fighting for the world championship title and belt. When the favorite wins, he is crowned Champion and takes it upon himself to own that title within himself. If he loses the people refuse to accept the new Champion who was once titled as the challenger. The people continue to refer to the former Champion as the best because he has made a lasting impact on the people. This phenomenon is important to note as we can draw insight from this dynamic.

Many people may see a Champion in us that we never could see. Sometimes people’s opinions do count as we focus them on the overwhelming similar responses of the masses. This goes both ways; if you are constantly receiving positive feedback, this may be a key to your destiny. If you are receiving negative feedback, these answers also hold the key to you transforming your behaviors and habits to step into your destiny. “The People” could be a helpful tool if you are able to accept constructive feedback.

A personal experience was when I won all of the talent shows three years in a row. Surely I was the best singer, the people voted for me. Later, I entered a radio station competition and loss. I wasn’t devastated because the people had already solidified me as a Champion and I believed myself that I was the best. I had enough guts to believe I could sing and be a Champion, and the people confirmed it.

On the other side of the coin when you are receiving negative criticism for taking risks to be EXTREME, there will be people who don’t believe in you and begin to heckle you. It is then, that the inner Champion has to come out and not rely on the people’s response. It is a keen sense and art to know the difference in the people whose aim is to hurt or help.

So, how do you become a Champion?

5 Strategies For Becoming A Champion Of Extreme Excellence And Leadership

1.  Believe you are a Champion (Think Mentally)
2.  Envision Yourself as a Champion (Dream)
3.  Study other Champions
4.  Become a Mentee of a Champion
5.  Purposely Become someone’s Champion


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Dr. Keisha Clark
Keisha Clark, Ph.D. owns a motivational speaking, life coaching, and consulting business that focuses on EXTREME EXCELLENCE.

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