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Warning Signs Of Obsessive Love

obsessive love

At first, I have to admit that I didn’t know the story. But, as I watch the movie depiction of her heinous crime and the media coverage of her trial and sentencing. I have to ask the question:

“Are you dating Jodi Arias?”

The relationship industry spends a fair amount of time instructing women. However, the men are left without instruction and apparently, are in need of a little “coaching” in this area. So, allow me to spend the next six minutes, or so, in an informal coaching session, to determine if this is you.

Jodi Arias started out as every man’s dream, and ultimately became his nightmare. She came on to him strongly, was s*xually aggressive and co-dependent as they come. However, cloaked in a distracting haze of s*xual exploits, her victim seemed to be oblivious to the problem that he was dealing with…and then, of course, Jodi claimed to love him…to death.

So, that’s the story. Now, here’s a few questions, everyman (and perhaps every person should ask themselves about their significant other. Crazy randomly shows up all at once, but here are a few signs that might give you some clues if your pay attention.

Does post-s*x behavior demand that you do something for them?

For example, are you being subjected to mind-blowing s*x (a Coach Steph no-no, by the way.), under the auspices of “owing” your significant other some act of allegiance for the time that they spent with you. And, if you don’t meet their demands, are you reminded of certain acts that were performed as a way to chastise you. More specifically, “you had time for me when I was doing ______ to you.”

Warning Signs Of Obsessive Love

Add that to
• relentless demands for couple time;
• insatiable territorial behavior;
• commitment that clearly hinges on alienating you from everything and everyone you care about;
• and a penchant for jealous rage…

…and you might find yourself on the receiving end of a sharp object.


What most men fail to realize is that sometimes the s*xually aggressive girl that gave you a whirlwind of pleasure might be good to you, but she is not good for you. Even if you get out of this undeniably dysfunctional relationship unscathed, then realize that you were one of the lucky ones…because you were.

Stop mistaking lust for love (or even like), it’s a habit that could kill you (literally).

So, I ask again, “are you dating Jodi Arias?” And if you are…STOP!

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Stephanie McKenzie
In addition to her extensive experience in business and marketing, Stephanie is truly passionate about relationships, and the impact they have on our lives. Melding her two loves–business and relationships–she has authored her latest book,“The Business of Dating".

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