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It Took A Major Health Scare For Me To Learn That I Am Not Superwoman

wobbly health

by Jackie Jones I got this funny “Get Wobbly” t-shirt a few years ago during an impromptu vineyard trip on Maryland’s Eastern Shore with a good friend. We had driven to St. Michael’s to meet with a coach with whom I had trained in a teleclass. It was to be our first face-to-face meeting. But signals got crossed; we never ... Read More »

Your Emotions Can Make You Sick, Here’s How

emotions that cause illnesses

By TemTi Sahu Ra Every lifestyle illness we suffer is a manifested symptom of a larger spiritual problem. These spiritual problems first manifest as an imbalance in our thinking, attitudes and feelings and later go on show themselves in or around our body as physical imbalance. By describing illness and disease as only relating to the physical body, we overlook the ... Read More »

New Online Community for ‘Fierce’ Black Women Interview with Yanick Rice Lamb [Episode #50]

YANICK Rice Lamb

Towanna Freeman interviewed journalist, educator, and entrepreneur Yanick Rice Lamb, publisher of a new website, FierceForBlackWomen.com. Ms. Rice Lamb and site co-founder Sheree Crute created Fierce to bring the stories and interests of busy, vibrant, and influential Black women into the limelight, and offer advice and resources to help Black women 35 and over remain healthy, happy, and fulfilled. Highlights ... Read More »

Tips On Beating Those Winter Blues


by TemTi Sahu Ra Winter is a time of retreat and hibernation in the Northern Hemisphere. With diminished sunlight times, animals and plants alike conserve their energy to regroup for the inevitable coming of Spring. Naturally humans are also affected by this cycling of seasonal energy, but what can we do about it when we feel ourselves mentally or emotionally shutting ... Read More »

Why The Sound of Their Voice is Literally Making You Sick


Have you ever heard a voice for the first time and become so entranced that you actually felt a sparkling yet peaceful feeling within you? And have you also heard a voice for the first time that made you feel irritated, depressed or even inexplicably anxious? Well there’s a reason for that and it’s a pretty good one… It has ... Read More »

Five Ways to Boost your Personal Productivity

boost productivity

Think about this: How much money are you losing because you simply don’t have the energy to perform all of your essential, everyday tasks?  What if you had more energy to go back to school and complete that degree plan? To write that book you’ve been contemplating forever?  Or just to take your kids to the park for a game ... Read More »

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