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5 Ways to Find Success Using Your True Purpose


By TemTi Sahu Ra Here are 5 ways that will really make you think about the perks of finding your true purpose and how that can translate into the most fulfilling success you’ll ever know!  #1. Nothing is going to drive or thrive like a worthy & purposeful ambition… The things you never heard – you say; what you never had ... Read More »

WARNING: Is Being Unclear About Your Purpose Destroying Your Life?


By TemTi Sahu Ra I have worked with literally hundreds of individuals over the past few years that have all hailed from diverse backgrounds and regardless of whether they came to me over a health issue, a career question, or a relationship crisis, they all had one thing in common…a lack of understanding or some confusion about what their true ... Read More »

5 Empowerment Secrets Everyone Should Know


By TemTi Sahu Ra Empowerment is a word that gets tossed around quite a bit today, especially in life coaching and personal development circles. But few readers of self-development literature or seminar attendees on the same subject rarely get to take on board the full weight of what empowerment truly means and why the majority of what they read or attend ... Read More »

Is A Lack Of Creative Energy The True Source Of Your Problems?


By TemTi Sahu Ra Creative energy, a.k.a. sexual energy, exists from the need of energy to reproduce itself. It is at the core of any true and profound personal development. But are you sure expressing it correctly? The most powerful forms of creative energy exist through the union of opposite polarities that express themselves in complementary thoughts, situations or personalities. These ... Read More »

What You Can Expect From a GOOD Life Coach


By:  TemTi Sahu Ra Congratulations, you have a new Life Coach! You’ve signed on the dotted line and shaken hands on it.  What’s next? Sure, there was all the hype that drew you in to sign up with your new life coach, but now the hype has stopped and the time for the real work begins… what should you realistically ... Read More »

You’ll Want To Get A Personal Life Coach After Reading This…

get a life coach

By TemTi Sahu Ra Life Coach Reason 1. Get Information From Someone Who Has Already Done It! Working with an experienced Life Coach opens you up to receiving great advice and tips from someone who has already reached the destination you are heading towards. One of the top reasons why people fail is a lack of preparedness. Gain the benefit of your Life ... Read More »

3 Ways Coconut Oil Helps Weight Loss

coconut oil

By Theresa Fowler The therapeutic benefits of using coconut oil on Black hair (and even skin) are well known these days, but did you also know that this mighty oil can play a significant role in both your health and weight loss? Most doctors and dietitians will have you believe that you must steer clear from saturated fat, which coconut ... Read More »

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