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3 Ways Coconut Oil Helps Weight Loss

coconut oil

By Theresa Fowler The therapeutic benefits of using coconut oil on Black hair (and even skin) are well known these days, but did you also know that this mighty oil can play a significant role in both your health and weight loss? Most doctors and dietitians will have you believe that you must steer clear from saturated fat, which coconut ... Read More »

Want To Lose Weight? Start With Detoxing Your Mind


by Theresa Fowler Do you wish you looked a certain way? Do you compare yourself to airbrushed photos of your favorite celebrity and feel you always come up short? You need to begin letting go of the unrealistic notions you have about your body and aim your focus on living a healthier life. Let’s face it: losing weight isn’t easy ... Read More »

Deepak Chopra and Oprah Want You To Find Your Flow

deepak-chopra oprah

By: Stephanie Allen-Gobert With the recent success of their OWN ventures, Oprah Winfrey and renowned mind-body healing guru Deepak Chopra have announced a new online meditation experience dubbed Finding Your Flow. The registration began Monday for the free 21-day workshop, which kicks off on April 14th and is designed to serve as an inner guide for transforming participants’ lives. The ... Read More »

3 Reasons Why Things Never Work Out The Way You Want


By TemTi Sahu Ra Life is like a rolling river. We can only flow with it. We cannot change its direction or its speed, yet its direction and speed change regularly and for the most part we have no choice but to go along with it. But the river always takes us to where we need to go. If we ... Read More »

Being Black Doesn’t Mean You Have To Eat Greasy, Fatty Food

soul food

By: Stephanie Allen-Gobert A recent article in The Root, raises the question — is the connection with family members of a different culture based on what you put on your plate? And does different etiquette or cultures require you to except unhealthy eating? A recent question by a reader came in to Jenee Desmond-Harris of The Root: “I’m Filipina, black, ... Read More »

3 Types Of Relationships That Most Women Have

3 types of relationships

by TemTi Sahu Ra Over the last few years, we at RedPill have given counseling and numerous assessments for many couples who were facing one type of relationship crisis or another. Naturally we have seen some very unhealthy couplings but we have also seen a decent share of some very balanced and positive ones. Concerning the healthy relationships, we tend to ... Read More »

Do You Have An Addiction Without Even Knowing It?


By TemTi Sahu Ra If you have diminished to no control over what you are doing, watching, eating or taking, then you could be described as having an addiction.  Your addiction may reach a point at which it becomes harmful to your mental and/or physical state as well as creating personal dysfunction and problems at either home, work, school or socially, ... Read More »

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